What does Responsive Web Design mean for your Business?

According to statistics compiled by MobiThinking, “Mobile browsing is expected to double within five years as mobile overtakes the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web.” Here’s the problem: most websites look horrible on mobile devices, and some flat out don’t function at all. This is resulting in negative user experiences, and nobody wants that! So what do we do about it? Does everyone need to make a second “mobile version” of their website or online store? Not anymore. We are excited to introduce “responsive” web development solutions. Instead of creating multiple versions of your website to be compatible with various devices/browsers, Responsive Web is designed to respond directly to its web browsing environment. Technically speaking, CSS3 coding has been expanded to include a new “media query” specification, allowing us to code not only website layout targets for various device classes, but further website layout targets based specifically on an actual inspection of the physical characteristics of the device displaying a given site. This is much more than simple site re-sizing! Responsive web design and development allows for the customization of a website’s content by taking advantage of one’s elected web browsing device’s specs in order to designate the most effective means of display. In other words, if you’re viewing a website vertically on your Apple iPad and then decide to tilt your screen to a landscape orientation, the website will instantaneously re-configure in order to best make use of its new allotted space parameters. So what’s the befit for your business? Reduced cost development time for cross platform solutions, improved user experience, and an overall better ROI on your web investments. To learn more about how you can transform your website with Responsive Web, contact Inspiratica today.