Inspiratica Launches “I Am One Person” Campaign

According to statistics recently compiled by the Canadian Cancer Society, “40% of women and 45% of men in Canada will develop cancer during their lifetimes.” Of even more significance to public health concerns, “on average, an estimated 1,310 children and youth aged 0–19 years develop cancer each year.” While Canada has been successful in developing effective treatments contributing to an overall decline in mortality rates in recent years, further research in this area is needed. Inspiratica is proud to be teaming up with Scholar’s Choice this fall in support of their “I Am One Person” campaign, which aims to raise funds for ongoing pediatric cancer research. We strongly believe in this campaign and are happy to do our part. We are excited to become a part of this campaign this year and facilitate online donations for “I Am One Person”; a feature absent from last year’s fundraising efforts. We are optimistic that our team’s contributions will further the success of Scholar’s Choice’s mission.