Google Analytics: Real Time Monitoring!

If you’ve got a website the chances are fairly good that you use some sort of analytics software to track you site’s statistics. If you’ve got a website with Inspiratica, or with one of the many other great web design companies in London, Ontario the chances are good that your analytics software is Google Analytics; the most popular traffic analysis tool in the world! Previously, website traffic data was available after a certain time period, ranging from three hours to one day. But now, you can monitor the happenings on your website as they happen! Google Analytics users can now monitor how many visitors are active on their website at the moment, how much traffic is being driven from any source at that specific time. This means you can easily find out what medium suits you best for the promotion of your site. To activate the new Google Analytics dashboard you need to login to Google Analytics and click the ‘New Version’ link in your header, near the ‘Sign Out’ link. The best part about Google Analytics Real-Time Monitoring is that IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!!!