“Direct” Success Through Interactive Site Features

In a world where Twitter feeds and other viewer-submitted content is being increasingly relied upon by the news media for stories (not to mention as a form of general entertainment), building an “interactive” website is essential for success. Customers not only want to feel included and important, but further want to know their concerns are being heard. Accordingly, new positions, at businesses of all descriptions, such as “Tech Manager”, have popped up in recent years in order to handle the incoming traffic, along with produce new content on a regular basis. Just how important is the incorporation of a simple RSS subscription feed to your site? A recent article from London, Ontario’s LFPress noted that The New York Times Newspaper, recently “reported a 3.4% jump in revenue, citing the introduction of digital subscriptions as its flagship.” But again, “interactive” technologies do not merely benefit news media websites. Email newsletters, for example, allow companies to update interested customers (ie: those who subscribe) about new products, services, promotions and more. Some companies even use newsletters to wish their subscribers “Seasons Greetings” when Old Man Winter rolls around; something that makes customers truly feel valued beyond just the dollars they spend on your products/services. Likewise, feedback forms, along with comment areas following recent blog posts, encourage direct communication between customer and business representative(s). With so many of our required modern day services being provided by “faceless” corporate conglomerates, having the opportunity to directly interact with your customers and vise versa demonstrates your business cares. Additionally, customer feedback can help any business improve its current offerings, as well as come up with innovative directives in order to suit its customers’ changing needs. Finally, beyond the aforementioned business benefits, blog and Twitter feeds too assist in obtaining higher rankings in popular search engines like Google. For more information on how you can build an “interactive” web presence, contact Inspiratica today for a free consultation.