MusicWorld, BlockBuster, Sam the Record Man and now even Netflix have either become defunct or are shortly on their way out. While the traditional music and movie industries are seemingly collapsing due to lost revenues as a result of illegal downloading and an increased interest in user-created content, the demand for mobile apps at 99 cents a pop has skyrocketed. Not merely simple emergency communications devices any longer, the “cellphone” has metamorphosized into an all-in-one gadget equipped with emailing, file storage, task management, note taking, audio/video recording, internet browsing, photographic, instant messaging and navigational capabilities. It doubles as an alarm clock when you’re on the road, allows you to quickly perform mathematical calculations, provides you with regular updates to RSS feeds of your choice and functions for many as a means of keeping track of one’s daily agenda. Did I mention you get all of that WITHOUT the purchase of any additional features and/or services? Android users can now add “convertible gaming console” to the list. Confirmed by Google’s Framework Engineer, Romain Guy, via Twitter, basically instead of having to lug around a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, your mobile device, thanks to the implementation of HDMI technology, is now able to act as an interactive entertainment computerized system. As one tech writer explains, “in short, you [can] hook up an external gamepad to a USB-to-microUSB adapter on the [phone], connect it to your TV and transform your handset into a fancy portable gaming console” ( Of course with any innovation, the market will issue a response (ie: more gaming apps!). If you’re interested in finding out how your small business can take advantage of the mobile app world, contact Inspiratica today for a complimentary one-on-one consultation.